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YAROM 0.10.0-post20170813013443

Yet Another RDF-Object Mapper

Latest Version: 0.10.0-post20171029225953


Yet Another RDF-Object Mapper (YAROM) is a Python library useful for building Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) tools and applications using Python objects and RDF. YAROM grew out of the PyOpenWorm project.

Basic Usage

If you got this library from GitHub or as a source archive, then install yarom:

python install --user

The configuration establishes which source of RDF data you’re reading from. Connect opens necessary resources and must be called before using anything that has to do with the RDF graph.

>>> import yarom as P
>>> P.connect('yarom/default.conf')

# Do something...

>>> P.disconnect()


Documentation can be found at

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