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aTXT 0.1.2

An easy conversion of docx, pdf, doc(windows) to txt format file. Extraction`s tool.

Latest Version: Unknown

A extraction tool (`v0.1`) on a directory. By default traversing all inner files and folders searching files with the extension `.docx`,`.pdf`m`.doc` to convert a plain text, extension `.txt`. You can specify your requirements with ` -help` or view below usage.


- Author: Jonathan Prieto
- Email:
- Status: in development.
- Notes: Have feedback? Please send me an email. This project is still in its infancy, and will be changing rapidly.


Are you needing some easy extraction tool to make your data mining analysis or whatever?. Everybody knows to handle `.txt` is so easy to read and usefull to processing.

I use this script to convert common files documents to plain text with just *doble-click*. The outcome it's just a `.txt` file for each document in the search.


You can install the plugin by using pip:

        $ pip install aTXT
or, manually, by calling
        $ python install

`` needs to have the next packages installed:
- `lxml`
- `docx`
- `pdfminer`

If you run on **Windows** and you want to convert `.doc` files. You need to install: `win32com`. You can get it ``.


This tool can be used in two ways:
1. Copy `` or execute `aTXT` in your target folder where you have the documents that you need to convert.
2. Just use the console.
$ --pdf --docx -l
3. Use inside python script with `import aTXT` and the three methods described above.

In the inside of `` already has three main methods:

- `aTXT.docx2TXT(path_file, name_file):` for the conversion of `.docx` to `.txt`
- `aTXT.pdf2TXT(path_file, name_file):` for the conversion of `.pdf` to `.txt`
- `aTXT.doc2TXT(path_file, name_file):` for the conversion of `.doc` to `.txt`

All methods above return `[ bool:Status, new_name_file]`. The `Status` is `False` if problem appears else `True`, method finished successful.

*So any idea to improve this?*
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