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aTXT 0.1.4

An easy conversion of docx, pdf, doc(windows) to txt format file. Extraction`s tool.

Latest Version: Unknown

An extraction tool (v0.1) on a directory. By default traversing all inner files and folders searching files with the extension .docx,.pdf,.doc (only windows) to convert a plain text, extension .txt. You can specify your requirements with -help or view below usage.


  • Author: Jonathan Prieto
  • Email:
  • Status: in development.
  • Notes: Have feedback? Please send me an email. This project is still in its infancy, and will be changing rapidly.


Do you want a easy extraction tool to make your data mining analysis or whatever?. Everybody knows to handle .txt is so easy to read and usefull to processing.

I use this script to convert common files documents to plain text with just doble-click, as one way to use it, but you could use it in a shell. The outcome by the way it's just a .txt file for each document in the search.


You can install the plugin by using pip:

$ pip install aTXT

or, manually, by calling

$ python install needs to have the next packages installed: - lxml - docx - pdfminer

If you run on Windows and you want to convert .doc files. You need to install: win32com. You can get it


This tool can be used in two ways: 1. Copy or execute aTXT in your target folder where you have the documents that you need to convert. 2. Just use the console. For example,

$ aTXT --pdf --docx -l
  1. Use inside python script with import aTXT and the three methods described above.

In the inside of already has three main methods:

  • aTXT.docx2TXT(path_file, name_file): for the conversion of .docx to .txt
  • aTXT.pdf2TXT(path_file, name_file): for the conversion of .pdf to .txt
  • aTXT.doc2TXT(path_file, name_file): for the conversion of .doc to .txt

All methods above return [ bool:Status, new_name_file]. The Status is False if problem appears else True, method finished successful.

So any idea to improve this?

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