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accloudtant 0.1.3

Cloud cost calculation tool

It is a AWS cost calculator oriented to ease the life of an administrator by providing easy tools to get the costs of current infrastructure, or cost foresights.


In order to use this, AWS CLI must be installed and configured, with appropriate AWS keys.


In order to install this tool you’ll need pip:

pip install accloudtant


accloudtant provides two basic commands: list and report.

The list command

The list command reads current prices for AWS EC2 computing costs for all instance types and generations and prints these. You can use this function by issuing the following command:

accloudtant list

This command’s output looks like the following:

EC2 (Hourly prices, no upfronts, no instance type features):
Type          On Demand    1y No Upfront    1y Partial Upfront    1y All Upfront    3y Partial Upfront    3y All Upfront
----------  -----------  ---------------  --------------------  ----------------  --------------------  ----------------
c3.8xlarge        0.768            0.611                0.5121            0.5225                0.4143            0.3894
g2.2xlarge        0.767            0.611                0.5121            0.5225                0.4143            0.3894

The report command

The report command, invoked as follows, gets a list of your current instances and their details:

accloudtant report

The instance details showed are:

  • The instance id,
  • its tag Name,
  • its type,
  • the availability zone where it was provisioned,
  • the operating system,
  • its current state,
  • the launch time,
  • if it is reserved,
  • current hourly price being billed,
  • the hourly price it would have if reserved again.

The report command requires access to the AWS API using AWS CLI credentials setup, or appropriate environment variables.

The following is an example of the output of this command:

Id          Name    Type        AZ          OS          State    Launch time          Reserved      Current hourly price    Renewed hourly price
----------  ------  ----------  ----------  ----------  -------  -------------------  ----------  ----------------------  ----------------------
i-912a4392  web1    c3.8xlarge  us-east-1c  Windows     running  2015-10-22 14:15:10  Yes                         0.5121                  0.3894
i-1840273e  app1    r2.8xlarge  us-east-1b  RHEL        running  2015-10-22 14:15:10  Yes                         0.3894                  0.3794
i-9840273d  app2    r2.8xlarge  us-east-1c  SUSE Linux  running  2015-10-22 14:15:10  Yes                         0.5225                  0.389
i-1840273d  db1     r2.8xlarge  us-east-1c  Linux/UNIX  stopped  2015-10-22 14:15:10  No                          0                       0.379
i-1840273c  db2     r2.8xlarge  us-east-1c  Linux/UNIX  running  2015-10-22 14:15:10  Yes                         0.611                   0.379
i-1840273b  db3     r2.8xlarge  us-east-1c  Linux/UNIX  running  2015-10-22 14:15:10  Yes                         0.611                   0.379
i-912a4393  test    t1.micro    us-east-1c  Linux/UNIX  running  2015-10-22 14:15:10  No                          0.767                   0.3892

About the instance details

Since the AWS API doesn’t provide ways of getting certain information, accloudtant tries to get by other means:

  • The operating system is guessed from the output of the system logs, which only contains the boot logs.
  • The reserved status of each instance is calculated by checking the instace types, availability zones, and operating systems across the list of both instances and reserved instances.
  • The prices printed are always in an hourly basis.


In order to get a proper development environment, the following steps might be followed:

  1. Optionally create your environment. If using Conda:

    conda env create
  2. Run setup in development mode from project root directory:

    python develop

Publish process

This is a small brief description of tasks done to release a new version:

  • Update version in
  • Update GitHub project and publish release with corresponding version number
  • Run pandoc --from=markdown --to=rst --output=README
  • Run python sdist upload


List of features for version 0.1.0:

  • Get prices from AWS EC2
  • List prices from AWS EC2
  • Get current EC2 costs report

The list of features for version 0.2.0:

  • Usage of different accounts

Other goals:

  • Allow select by tag, AZ, service when getting the costs
  • Reservation budget/foresight
  • Cross check with Cloudwatch and prediction
  • Use multiple accounts at a time
  • Output formats (CSV, ODS, XLS,…)
  • Add more AWS services to get prices and costs
  • Add more providers
  • Web/API REST interface
  • IPython interface
  • Customizable reports
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