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achallonge 1.6.1

A python library to use the Challonge API

# achallonge
*async Challonge for Python 3.5+*

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Modern library that is more than just a wrapper for the Challonge web API

# Requirements

* `aiohttp`

* `cchardet` faster replacement for chardet, as mentionned on the aiohttp page
* `aiodns` for speeding up DNS resolving, highly recommended by aiohttp

# Python version support

* `3.5`
* `3.6`

# Installation

pip install achallonge

If you want to have the optional dependencies for aiohttp, you can:

pip install achallonge[speed]

# Usage

import challonge

async def foo()
# Log in into Challonge with your CHALLONGE! API credentials (
user = await challonge.get_user('your_challonge_username', 'your_api_key')

# Retrieve your tournaments
tournaments = await user.get_tournaments()

# Tournaments, matches, and participants are all represented as Python classes
for t in tournaments:
print( # 3272
print( # 'My Awesome Tournament'
print(t.status) # 'open'

# Retrieve the participants for a given tournament.
participants = await tournaments[0].get_participants()
print(len(participants)) # 13

# Documentation

The full documentation can be found on [Read the docs](

# Author / License

Distributed under MIT license. See `LICENSE` for details

Fabien Poupineau (fp12) - 2017

Twitter: [@fp12gaming](

Join the [Discord Server]( and discuss about this lib!  
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