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addic7ed-cli 1.4.2

A commandline access to addic7ed subtitles

This is a little command-line utility to fetch subtitles from addic7ed.


From pypi

Install latest stable version with:

$ pip install addic7ed-cli

Use --upgrade to upgrade.


Install latest development version with:

$ pip install


An AUR package is waiting for you.


Example, if you speak french and english:

$ addic7ed -l french -l english The.Serie.S02E23.MDR.mkv


$ addic7ed --help


You can login with your identifiers to increase your daily download quota:

  • Anonymous users are limited to 15 downloads per 24 hours on their IP address
  • Registered users are limited to 40
  • VIPs get 80 downloads (please consider donating)

Configuration file

You can store frequently used options in a configuration file. Create a file at ~/.config/addic7ed (Linux, OSX) or %APPDATA%/Addic7ed Configuration.txt (Windows), and it will be parsed using the Python ConfigParser (see example below). Hint: use the --verbose argument to print the full path of the configuration file when running a command. It can contain three sections:

  • [flags], to set a flag (verbose, hearing-impaired, overwrite, ignore, batch or brute-batch, see addic7ed search --help for informations about those flags)
  • [languages], to list prefered languages
  • [session], the session to use for authentification (this is automatically populated when using addic7ed login)


hearing-impaired = no



Video organizer

video-organizer format is supported. If a “filelist” file is next to an episode, it will use it to extract its real name and forge the good query.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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