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adnpy 0.3.0 API library for python

Latest Version: 0.3.8

ADNpy aims to be an easy-to-use Python library for interacting with the API.


To install Requests, simply:

$ pip install adnpy


Documentation is available at

Quick Start

In order to use ADNpy, You’ll to need an access token. If you don’t already have one, first create an app, and then generate an access token for your app.

import adnpy
adnpy.api.add_authorization_token(<Access Token Here>)

# Create a post
post, meta = adnpy.api.create_post(data={'text':'Hello from adnpy!'})

# Take a look at recent checkins
posts, meta = adnpy.api.get_explore_stream('checkins')
for post in posts:
  print post

# You can even paginate through checkins using the cursor method.
# Cursors will obey rate limits (by blocking until retries are
# permitted), and will allow you to page through the entire stream.
for post in adnpy.cursor(adnpy.api.get_explore_stream, 'checkins'):
    print post
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
adnpy-0.3.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-12 11KB