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agoraplex.themes.sphinx 0.1.3

A Sphinx theme for Agoraplex projects, based on the Pylons Sphinx theme

This repository contains Sphinx themes for Agoraplex projects, based on the Pylons Sphinx Themes, and some helper roles. The following themes exist:

  • agoraplex - the generic Agoraplex documentation theme


To rebuild the graphics from the SVG originals (which requires cloning the github repository):

  • rsvg-convert from librsvg
  • pngtopam, pnmremap, pnmcolormap, and pnmtopng from Netpbm
  • icotool from icoutils


To use a theme in your Sphinx documentation, follow this guide:

  1. Install the package:

    $ pip install agoraplex.themes.sphinx
  2. Edit your doc configuration file to point to the agoraplex theme:

    import agoraplex.themes.sphinx
    # ...
    html_theme = 'agoraplex'
    html_theme_path = agoraplex.themes.sphinx.get_html_theme_path()


This package adds several Sphinx helper roles (in To use these, add agoraplex.themes.sphinx.roles to the extensions list in your

The roles are:

  • github: link to a github project:


    The github_url configuration directive defaults to

  • pypi: link to a project record at PyPi, the Python Package Index:


    The pypi_url configuration directive defaults to

  • wikipedia: link to a Wikipedia article:

    :wikipedia:`Ancient Agora of Athens`

    The wikipedia_url and wikipedia_lang configuration directives default to and en, respectively. Note that the wikipedia_url directive must contain a %s, where the role will insert the wikipedia_lang value.

    The wikipedia role will (mostly) canonicalize an article name by replacing spaces with underscores (_), uppercasing the first letter of the name, and lowercasing the rest. Wikipedia’s own URL rewriting is tolerant of case mismatch, so these simplistic rules work well enough.


In addition to the role-related configuration directives, this theme adds the following directives to the set defined by the original Pylons theme:

  • fontsets: a space-separated list of directory names, relative to the font directory (_static/fonts), from which to load a stylesheet.css file containing @font-face directives.
  • font_body, font_header: the ‘base’ names of the fonts to use for body and header text, respectively.


The stylesheets assume that the font family is actually named <fontname>Regular. So, to use NeutonRegular as the header font (which is the default), theme.conf would specify font_header=Neuton.

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