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agutil 2.1.2

A collection of python utilities

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A collection of python utilities

Version: 2.1.2


  • search_range (A utility for manipulating numerical ranges)
  • status_bar (A simple progress bar indicator)
  • Logger (A class for fast, simple, logging)
  • Several standalone utility methods (See the agutil module page on the wiki)

The bio package:

  • maf2bed (A command line utility for parsing a .maf file and converting coordinates from 1-based (maf standard) to 0-based (bed standard))

The io package:

  • Socket (A low-level network IO class built on top of the standard socket class)
  • SocketServer (A low-level listen server to accept connections and return Socket classes)
  • QueuedSocket (A low-level network IO class built to manage input across multiple channels)

The parallel package:

  • Dispatcher (A class for managing background threads for running tasks in parallel)
  • parallelize (A decorator to easily convert a regular function into a parallelized version)
  • parallelize2 (A similar parallelization decorator with a slightly different flavor)

The security package:

  • SecureSocket (A mid-level network IO class built to manage encrypted network communications)
  • SecureConnection (A high-level, multithreaded class for sending and receiving encrypted files and messages)
  • SecureServer (A low-level listen server to accept connections and return SecureConnection instances)
  • encryptFile and decryptFile (Simple methods for encrypting and decrypting local files)
  • agutil-secure (A command line utility for encrypting and decrypting files)


Detailed documentation of these packages can be found on the agutil Github wiki page

Installation note:

This package requires PyCrypto, which typically has issues compiling on windows. If you are on windows and pip install agutil fails during the installation of PyCrypto, then follow the instructions here for installing PyCrypto from a precompiled wheel, and then run pip install agutil again.

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