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aiodisque 0.1

Asyncio Disque client

Python3.5 & Asyncio client for Disque message broker.


aiodisque requires a running disque server.

python -m pip install -e .

Getting started


from aiodisque import Disque
client = Disque()
job_id = await client.sendjob('queue', 'body')

client accepts a tcp or unix address:

client = Disque(address='')
client = Disque(address=('', 7711))
client = Disque(address='/path/to/socket')

API Reference

The official Disque command documentation does a great job of explaining each command in detail. There are a few exceptions:

  • each method are lowered
  • async keywords are replaced by asynchronous

In addition to the changes above, it implements some async sugar:

  • Fancy async iterators:

    async for jobs in client.client.getjob_iter('q', nohang=True):
    async for queue in client.qscan_iter(count=128):
    async for job in client.jscan_iter(count=128):
  • There is also an experimentaton that try to mimic an asyncio.Queue:

    from aiodisque.queue import Queue
    queue = JobsQueue('queue', client)
    job_id = await queue.put('job')
    job = await queue.get()
    assert == job_id
  • client can reconnect automatically when a connection lost:

    from aiodisque import Disque
    client = Disque(auto_reconnect=True)
    await client.hello()
    # ... connection has been lost here...
    await client.hello()  # this not fails
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