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aiohttp 0.8.0

http client/server for asyncio

Latest Version: 3.0.1

http client/server for asyncio



aiohttp is offered under the BSD license.

Getting started

To retrieve something from the web:

import aiohttp

def get_body(url):
    response = yield from aiohttp.request('GET', url)
    return (yield from response.read_and_close())

You can use the get command like this anywhere in your asyncio powered program:

response = yield from aiohttp.request('GET', '')
body = yield from response.read_and_close()

The signature of request is the following:

request(method, url, *,
        version=(1, 1),

It constructs and sends a request. It returns response object. Parameters are explained as follow:

  • method: HTTP method
  • url: Request url
  • params: (optional) Dictionary or bytes to be sent in the query string of the new request
  • data: (optional) Dictionary, bytes, or file-like object to send in the body of the request
  • headers: (optional) Dictionary of HTTP Headers to send with the request
  • cookies: (optional) Dict object to send with the request
  • files: (optional) Dictionary of ‘name’: file-like-objects for multipart encoding upload
  • auth: (optional) Auth tuple to enable Basic HTTP Auth
  • allow_redirects: (optional) Boolean. Set to True if POST/PUT/DELETE redirect following is allowed.
  • compress: Boolean. Set to True if request has to be compressed with deflate encoding.
  • chunked: Boolean or Integer. Set to chunk size for chunked transfer encoding.
  • expect100: Boolean. Expect 100-continue response from server.
  • connector: aiohttp.connector.BaseConnector instance to support connection pooling and session cookies.
  • read_until_eof: Read response until eof if response does not have Content-Length header.
  • request_class: Custom Request class implementation.
  • response_class: Custom Response class implementation.
  • loop: Optional event loop.

If you want to use timeouts for aiohttp client side please use standard asyncio approach:

yield from asyncio.wait_for(request('GET', url), 10))

Gunicorn worker

Paster configuration example:

use = egg:gunicorn#main
host =
port = 8080
worker_class = aiohttp.worker.AsyncGunicornWorker


0.8.0 (06-06-2014)

  • Add support for utf-8 values in HTTP headers
  • Allow to use custom response class instead of HttpResponse
  • Use MultiDict for client request headers
  • Use MultiDict for server request/response headers
  • Store response headers in ClientResponse.headers attribute
  • Get rid of timeout parameter in aiohttp.client API
  • Exceptions refactoring

0.7.3 (05-20-2014)

  • Simple HTTP proxy support.

0.7.2 (05-14-2014)

  • Get rid of __del__ methods
  • Use ResourceWarning instead of logging warning record.

0.7.1 (04-28-2014)

  • Do not unquote client request urls.
  • Allow multple waiters on transport drain.
  • Do not return client connection to pool in case of exceptions.
  • Rename SocketConnector to TCPConnector and UnixSocketConnector to UnixConnector.

0.7.0 (04-16-2014)

  • Connection flow control.
  • Http client session/connection pool refactoring.
  • Better handling for bad server requests.

0.6.5 (03-29-2014)

  • Added client session reuse timeout.
  • Better client request cancellation support.
  • Better handling responses without content length.
  • Added HttpClient verify_ssl parameter support.

0.6.4 (02-27-2014)

  • Log content-length missing warning only for put and post requests.

0.6.3 (02-27-2014)

  • Better support for server exit.
  • Read response body until eof if content-length is not defined #14

0.6.2 (02-18-2014)

  • Fix trailing char in allowed_methods.
  • Start slow request timer for first request.

0.6.1 (02-17-2014)

  • Added utility method HttpResponse.read_and_close()
  • Added slow request timeout.
  • Enable socket SO_KEEPALIVE if available. (@polymorphm)

0.6.0 (02-12-2014)

  • Better handling for process exit.

0.5.0 (01-29-2014)

  • Allow to use custom HttpRequest client class.
  • Use gunicorn keepalive setting for async worker.
  • Log leaking responses.
  • python 3.4 compatibility

0.4.4 (11-15-2013)

  • Resolve only AF_INET family, because it is not clear how to pass extra info to asyncio.

0.4.3 (11-15-2013)

  • Allow to wait completion of request with HttpResponse.wait_for_close()

0.4.2 (11-14-2013)

  • Handle exception in client request stream.
  • Prevent host resolving for each client request.

0.4.1 (11-12-2013)

  • Added client support for expect: 100-continue header.

0.4 (11-06-2013)

  • Added custom wsgi application close procedure
  • Fixed concurrent host failure in HttpClient

0.3 (11-04-2013)

  • Added PortMapperWorker
  • Added HttpClient
  • Added tcp connection timeout to http client
  • Better client connection errors handling
  • Gracefully handle process exit


  • Fix packaging
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