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aktos-dcs 0.7

Aktos DCS core library

aktos_dcs is designed for creating fault tolerant, realtime, massively concurrent, distributed (even behind firewalls), io-bound (eg. heavy-traffic web server), scalable (both vertically and horizontally), cross-platform and language agnostic applications.

This library is developed for distributed automation projects in mind. Any PLC or motion controller related work (including HMI and SCADA) can be performed easily. Simulation of a real component of the target system becomes a trivial work to do. Graphical User Interface can be built by using desktop and mobile frameworks (Qt, GTK, …) or by web technologies (HTML5, Javascript, CSS, …).

Message transport layer is built on top of ZeroMQ library, which has Python, Java, Node.js, C, C++ , C# and many other bindings. This means, any number of these languages can be used together to build a single project. Developers can work with their favourite language.

Gevent based actor model (inspired from Erlang) is used for concurrency. This means, concurrency comes for free. Since there are no real threads or subprocesses, debugging is easy. N-to-N connections are managed out of the box, so there is no single point of failure exists.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
aktos-dcs-0.7.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-10-14 7KB