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alarmdecoder 0.9.1

Python interface for the AlarmDecoder (AD2) family of alarm devices which includes the AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI.


This Python library aims to provide a consistent interface for the AlarmDecoder product line. (AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI) This also includes devices that have been exposed via ser2sock, which supports encryption via SSL/TLS.


AlarmDecoder can be installed through pip:
pip install alarmdecoder
or from source:
python install
  • Note: python-setuptools is required for installation.



API documentation can be found at readthedocs.


A basic example is included below. Please see the examples directory for more.:

import time
from alarmdecoder import AlarmDecoder
from alarmdecoder.devices import USBDevice

def main():
    Example application that prints messages from the panel to the terminal.
        # Retrieve the first USB device
        device = AlarmDecoder(USBDevice.find())

        # Set up an event handler and open the device
        device.on_message += handle_message
            while True:

    except Exception, ex:
        print 'Exception:', ex

def handle_message(sender, message):
    Handles message events from the AlarmDecoder.
    print sender, message.raw

if __name__ == '__main__':
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