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aldryn-forms 2.2.2

Create forms and embed them on CMS pages

Aldryn Forms allows you to build flexible HTML forms for your Aldryn and django CMS projects, and to integrate them directly in your pages.

Forms can be assembled using the form builder, with the familiar simple drag-and-drop interface of the django CMS plugin system.

Submitted data is stored in the Django database, and can be explored and exported using the admin, while forms can be configured to send a confirmation message to users.


Aldryn Platform Users

Choose a site you want to install the add-on to from the dashboard. Then go to Apps -> Install app and click Install next to Forms app.

Redeploy the site.

Upgrading from < 2.0

Version 2.0 introduced a new model for form data storage called FormSubmission. The old FormData model has been deprecated. Although the FormData model’s data is still accessible through the admin, all new form data will be stored in the new FormSubmission model.

Manuall Installation

Run pip install aldryn-forms.



Configure aldryn-boilerplates (

To use the old templates, set ALDRYN_BOILERPLATE_NAME='legacy'. To use (recommended, will be renamed to aldryn-boilerplate-bootstrap3) set ALDRYN_BOILERPLATE_NAME='bootstrap3'.

Also ensure you define an e-mail backend for your app.

Creating a Form

You can create forms in the admin interface now. Search for the label Aldryn_Forms.

Create a CMS page and install the Forms app there (choose Forms from the Advanced Settings -> Application dropdown).

Now redeploy/restart the site again.

The above CMS site has become a forms POST landing page – a place where submission errors get displayed if there are any.

Available Plug-ins

Form plugin lets you embed certain forms on a CMS page.

Fieldset groups fields.

Text Field renders text input.

Text Area Field renders text input.

Yes/No Field renders checkbox.

Select Field renders single select input.

Multiple Select Field renders multiple checkboxes.

File field renders a file upload input.

Image field same as file field but validates that the uploaded file is an image.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
aldryn-forms-2.2.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-05-16 59KB