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aldryn-forms 0.3.2

Create forms and embed them on CMS pages

This add-on allows you to:

  • create forms
  • display them on CMS pages


Aldryn Platform Users

Choose a site you want to install the add-on to from the dashboard. Then go to Apps -> Install app and click Install next to Forms app.

Redeploy the site.

Manuall Installation

Run pip install aldryn-forms.



Configure aldryn-boilerplates (

To use the old templates, set ALDRYN_BOILERPLATE_NAME='legacy'. To use (recommended, will be renamed to aldryn-boilerplate-bootstrap3) set ALDRYN_BOILERPLATE_NAME='bootstrap3'.

Also ensure you define an e-mail backend for your app.

Creating a Form

You can create forms in the admin interface now. Search for the label Aldryn_Forms.

Create a CMS page and install the Forms app there (choose Forms from the Advanced Settings -> Application dropdown).

Now redeploy/restart the site again.

The above CMS site has become a forms POST landing page – a place where submission errors get displayed if there are any.

Available Plug-ins

Form plugin lets you embed certain forms on a CMS page.

Fieldset groups fields.

Text Field renders text input.

Text Area Field renders text input.

Yes/No Field renders checkbox.

Select Field renders single select input.

Multiple Select Field renders multiple checkboxes.

File field renders a file upload input.

Image field same as file field but validates that the uploaded file is an image.

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aldryn-forms-0.3.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-05-19 35KB
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