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alerta 3.1.0

Alerta unified command-line tool

Latest Version: 5.0.11


Alerta is a monitoring tool that allows alerts from many different systems to be consolidated into a single view.

Currently there are integrations for tools that support standard protocols such as ``SNMP``, ``syslog`` and ``HTTP``.
There are also specific integrations for popular monitoiring tools such as Nagios_, Zabbix_, Sensu_ and Riemann_.

.. _`nagios`:
.. _`zabbix`:
.. _`sensu`:
.. _`riemann`:


Installing this package makes available a command-line tool that can be used to send alerts to the alerta system and
to query the alert database::

$ pip install alerta-client


Configuration supports profiles for different environments like `production` and `development` or `testing`.

For a basic configuration that can be used to test the client tools against a demo alerta server, use::

timezone = Europe/London

[profile production]
endpoint =
debug = no

[profile development]
endpoint =
debug = yes

Copy this configuration ``$HOME/.alerta.conf`` files::

$ mv /path/to/alerta.conf.sample $HOME/.alerta.conf

or use the ``ALERTA_CONF`` environment variable::

$ export ALERTA_CONF=/path/to/alerta.conf


$ alert help

Alerta client unified command-line tool

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--profile PROFILE Select profile to apply from ~/.alerta.conf
--endpoint-url URL API endpoint URL
--output OUTPUT Output format of "text" or "json"
--json, -j Output in JSON format. Shortcut for "--output json"
--color, --colour Color-coded output based on severity
--debug Print debug output

send Send alert to server
query List alerts based on query filter
watch Watch alerts based on query filter
raw Show alert raw data
history Show alert history
tag Tag alerts
ack Acknowledge alerts
unack Unacknowledge alerts
close Close alerts
delete Delete alerts
heartbeat Send heartbeat to server
help Show help
version Show alerta version info

Query parameters can be used to filter alerts by any valid alert attribute

resource=web01 Show alerts with resource equal to "web01"
resource!=web01 Show all alerts except those with resource of "web01"
event=~down Show alerts that include "down" in event name
event!=~down Show all alerts that don't have "down" in event name

Special query parameters include "limit", "sort-by", "from-date" and "q" (a
json-compliant mongo query).


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