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alnair 0.3.2

A simple system configuration framework


Alnair is a simple system configuration framework. And also are intended to be used in conjunction with the Fabric (


  • Python 2.6 and later (but does not work in 3.x)


from pypi:

# using pip
% pip install -U alnair

# or using easy_install
% easy_install -U alnair

from source:

% python install

Basic usage

First, generate the recipes template set by following command:

% alnair generate template archlinux

In this example, distribution name using archlinux. recipes/archlinux/ directories and file are created to current directory by this command. Also “g” as an alias for the generate command has been defined. The following command is same meaning as above:

% alnair g template archlinux

Next, edit install_command variable in for the target distribution:

install_command = 'pacman -Sy'

Next, generate recipe template for package setup by following command:

% alnair g recipe python file is created on recipes/archlinux/ directory by this command. In fact, directories where you want to create the files are recipes/*/.

Finally, edit for more settings if necessary and setup to the server by following command:

% alnair setup archlinux python

Using as a library

You can use the following code instead of “alnair setup archlinux python” command:

from alnair import Distribution

distname = 'archlinux'
with Distribution(distname) as dist:

For more documentation, read the sources or please wait while the document is being prepared.



  • Add –dry-run option to CLI
  • Implement the multiple packages in the single package name
  • Implement a host specific configuration


  • Add command-line interface
  • Add Distribution.config() API


  • Change the APIs (An incompatible with older releases)


  • Implement the commands execution to make before setup
  • Bug fixes


  • A few bug fixes


  • First release
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alnair-0.3.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-06 8KB