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alto 0.2.3

A high-level code browser for Django projects.

Latest Version: 0.4

This Django app allows you to browse the urlpatterns for your project, see the source code of each view, and open that code in your favorite editor [*].

Planned features include the ability to browse and search for apps, models, templates, tags, filters, and celery tasks.

Possibly planned features are for Alto to become a Light Table plugin.

Alto is PRE-ALPHA software. It probably won’t work with your project. There is no support. Unless you’re ready to work on it, you should hold off for a few releases.


  • Python 2.7
  • Django 1.4

Other versions may work, but have not been tested.


pip install alto


  1. Add 'alto' to your INSTALLED_APPS
  2. Make sure TEMPLATE_LOADERS includes ‘django.template.loaders.app_directories.Loader’.
  3. Make sure STATICFILES_FINDERS includes ‘django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.AppDirectoriesFinder’.
  4. Add url(r'^_alto/', include('alto.urls')) to your urlaptterns
  5. Visit

Optional: Add ALTO_URL_SCHEME = 'txmt' to your settings for TextMate support. The default is 'mvim'.


alto will expose your source code through the browser, so make sure to secure its views. One way to handle this is to only add its urlpatterns if DEBUG=True.


Alto is inspired by Bret Victor’s talk, “Inventing on Principle” and by Light Table.

[*]As long as your favorite editor is MacVim or TextMate. In theory, any editor that can be made to open a file from a custom url scheme will work.
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