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anybox.recipe.sysdeps 0.4

A buildout recipe to check system dependencies

Latest Version: 0.5

This is a simple and stupid buildout recipe to check system requirements. It is primarily intended to check dependencies on Linux and MacOsX but any help to make it work on Windows will be integrated.

Recipe options:

deps: list all the required system package names and the corresponding command line to check the requirement.

Example buildout:

parts = sysdeps

recipe = anybox.recipe.sysdeps
deps = PostgreSQL: which pg_dump
       Redis:      which redis-server
       php5-mysql: dpkg -l php5-mysql

If redis-server is not available, you will get an error while running the buildout, telling you to install Redis. You can use any command line to check whether the package is installed or not.


The primary branch is here:


0.4 (01-07-2012)

  • Dependency checking is now just a command line to run

0.3 (19-12-2011)

  • Moved to mercurial
  • (bug) return an iterable instead of None

0.2 (15-10-2011)

  • Fixed install recipe and forgotten file

0.1 (06-08-2011)

  • Initial naive implementation using ‘which’
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anybox.recipe.sysdeps-0.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-01 2KB