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apsw 3.8.5-r1

Another Python SQLite Wrapper

Latest Version: 3.9.2-r1

A Python wrapper for the SQLite embedded relational database engine.

In contrast to other wrappers such as pysqlite it focuses on being a minimal layer over SQLite attempting just to translate the complete SQLite API into Python.

WARNING This package has NOT been submitted by the author of apsw, who has issue with how PyPi works (see here). Rather, it has been submitted by a third party and is an exact copy of the version on github. In that sense, this is a maintained package just like any Debian package, for example.

The documentation for apsw can be found at

The version of this package assumes you have sqlite installed. If you don’t, you should install it (see

PLEASE NOTE Unfortunately a version of apsw will generally only work with a specific version of SQLite. There are no provisions to detect SQLite version and expose an appropriate API. Be mindful of the version of SQLite you have installed. Also be mindful of updates to apsw. If you need a specific version of apsw or need to build against a specific version of SQLite then please follow these instuctions ->

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
apsw-3.8.5-r1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-08 220KB