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arango 0.1.8

Driver for ArangoDB

Latest Version: 0.2.1

Driver for ArangoDB REST API inrerface,

Features support

Driver for Python is incomplete. It supports at the moment: Connections to ArangoDB with custom options, Collections, Documents, Indexes Cursors and have partial support of Edges


pip install arango


To start work with ArangoDB try following example:

from arango import create

# create connection to database
voca = create()
# create collection with name `test_collection`
# create document
voca.test_collection.documents.create({"sample_key": "sample_value"})
# get first document
doc = voca.test_collection.documents().first
# get document body

# get all documents in collection

for doc in voca.test_collection.query.execute():

For more details please read Documentation

Supported Python interpreters and versions:

  • cPython 3.3
  • cPython 2.7
  • PyPy 1.9

Supported ArangoDB versions: 1.1x, 1.2x and 1.3x

Developed by [Maksym Klymyshyn](



  • Added support of bulk inserts
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