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arff 0.9

Python package for reading and writing Weka arff files

Weka arff file type reader for python.


>>> import arff
>>> for row in arff.load('example.arff'):
... print(row.hair_color)
... print(row[-1])
>>> print(list(arff.load('example.arff')))
[[Row(hair_color='blonde', age=17.2, patno=1),
Row(hair_color='blue', age=27.2, patno=2),
Row(hair_color='blue', age=18.2, patno=3)]

Where this is the example file:

@relation diabetics_data
@attribute hair_color {blonde, black, blue}
@attribute age real
@attribute patno integer
blonde, 17.2, 1
blue, 27.2, 2
blue, 18.2, 3

>>> data = [[1,2,'a'], [3, 4, 'john']]
>>> arff.dump('result.arff', data, relation="whatever", names=['num', 'day', 'title'])

results in the creation of this file:

@relation whatever
@attribute num integer
@attribute day integer
@attribute title string


supports arff types: numeric, integer, real, string
supports python types: int, str, float

in the future: dates

Tested on python 2.7 and 3.2

License: BSD, do what you wish with this. Could be awesome to hear if you found
it useful and/or you have suggestions. ubershmekel at gmail

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