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argpext 1.3.2

Argpext: multilevel command line interface.

Package Documentation

Argpext provides methods to quickly expose any required callable objects, such as function, or generator, to a DOS/Linux command line hereby defining a task.

Argpext provides method to organize multiple tasks conveniently into a tree structure.

Each task of such tree can then be executed by passing the proper sequence of command line arguments that is necessary to identify the task to be executed; the remaining arguments, if any, specify the values of the arguments argument passed to the task (if any).

Help messages, which are mostly based on the docstrings, are automatically produced when the –help (or -h) flag is passed.

The return values of the functions and the values yielded by the generators are treated differently. Full-featured return value objects are available at the point of execution in Python. Customizable return value display option is available for execution under Linux/DOS command prompt.

A thorough documentation (with numerous examples) is provided at the link above.

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