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argus 0.0.2

Helper routines for using multiple, inexpensive calibrated and synchronized cameras for 3D scientific use.

Latest Version: 0.0.10

Brandon Jackson and Dennis Evangelista, 2014

Eventually setup cloneable Bitbucket repository::
hg –clone ssh://
To install the module, run (as administrator)::
python install


Argus had 1000 eyes. You might only have 3 cameras but hopefully this is useful.

This Python module includes helper routines for calibrating, synchronizing, and using multiple inexpensive cameras for reconstructing 3D positions for scientific uses, such as in biology, biomechanics, ecology, etc. This module includes chessboard calibration, automatic wand tracking, and synchronization using sound and is intended to interface with the python sba sparse bundle adjustment routines for 3D calibration and reconstruction.

Companion Matlab routines are also available.

If these routines are helpful in your work, please cite Jackson, Evangelista, Hedrick (in preparation), Catchy title here, Prestigous Journal of Something VV:pp-pp:

author={Jackson, B and Evangelista, D and Hedrick T},
title={Catchy title here},
journal={Prestigious Journal of Something},

Still to do:

Autowand and keypoint finder for automatic detection of extrinsic calibration points. Also provide worked example with sparse bundle adjustment (sba is part of the Python sba library / or is implemented in Matlab in EasyWand).

Thanks to:

Ty Hedrick, others

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
argus-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-21 12KB
  • Author: Brandon Jackson and Dennis Evangelista
  • Requires opencv, numpy, pandas
  • Package Index Owner: devangel77b
  • DOAP record: argus-0.0.2.xml