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arith_lib 1.0.0

A set of functions for miscellaneous arithmetic calculation

arith_lib: A set of functions for miscellaneous arithmetic calculation

List of implemented functions

- gcd(*arg): Greatest common divisor of a set of integers

- lcm(*arg): Least common multiple of a set of integers

- bezout(a, b): Provides a particular solution to diophantine
equation a.u+b.v=gcd(a, b)

- modulo_inv(a, b): inverse of a modulo b

- chinese_reminder(r, m): Solves the modular system:

x = r1 mod m1
x = r2 mod m2
x = r_n mod m_n

- gene_pseudo_prime(): Generator which provides 2, 3, 5 and then
all non multiple of 2, 3, 5

- is_prime(n): Check for n primality

- next_prime(n): Provides the first prime greater or equal
to n

- prime_factorization(n, frmt): Prime factorization of n

- divisors(n): Provides all divisors of n

- phi(n): Euler indicator function

- moebius(n): Moebius function

- to_base(n, **kwarg): Conversion from base 10 to base B

- frobenius(*A, n=None): Solves a1.x1 + a2.x2 + .. + ap.xp = n
or provides the greatest n for which this
equation has no solution.
a1, a2, ... are positive integers
x1, x2, ... are the unknowns, positive integers


pip install arith_lib