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arvados-node-manager 0.1.20171012165920

Arvados compute node manager

Latest Version: 0.1.20180215203403


This package provides arvados-node-manager. It dynamically starts and stops compute nodes on an Arvados cloud installation based on job demand.


  1. Install the package.
  2. Write a configuration file. doc/ec2.example.cfg documents all of the options available, with specific tunables for EC2 clouds.
  3. Run arvados-node-manager --config YOURCONFIGFILE using whatever supervisor you like (e.g., runit).

Testing and Development

To run tests, just run:

python test

Our hacking guide provides an architectural overview of the Arvados Node Manager to help you find your way around the source. The Lifecycle of an Arvados compute node page explains how it works in concert with other Arvados components to prepare a node for compute work.

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