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asciitable 0.8.0

Extensible ASCII table reader and writer

Asciitable can read and write a wide range of ASCII table formats via built-in Extension Reader Classes:

  • Basic: basic table with customizable delimiters and header configurations
  • Cds: CDS format table (also Vizier and ApJ machine readable tables)
  • CommentedHeader: column names given in a line that begins with the comment character
  • Daophot: table from the IRAF DAOphot package
  • FixedWidth: table with fixed-width columns
  • Ipac: IPAC format table
  • Latex: LaTeX tables (plain and AASTex)
  • Memory: table already in memory (list of lists, dict of lists, etc)
  • NoHeader: basic table with no header where columns are auto-named
  • Rdb: tab-separated values with a column types line after the column names line
  • Tab: tab-separated values

This is the last major release of the asciitable package:

The asciitable package was moved into the Astropy project as This sub-package is being actively developed and contains many new features and bug fixes. Users are encouraged to migrate to

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
asciitable-0.8.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-10-05 292KB (md5) Source 2011-10-05 312KB