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asgi_amqp 1.1.1

AMQP-backed ASGI channel layer implementation

An ASGI channel layer that uses AMQP as its backing store with group support.


The asgi_amqp channel layer looks for settings in ASGI_AMQP and has the following configuration options. URL and connection settings are configured through CHANNEL_LAYER same as any channel layer.

MODEL Set a custom ChannelGroup model to use. See more about this in the ChannelGroup Model section of this README.


ASGI_AMQP = {'MODEL': 'awx.main.models.channels.ChannelGroup'}

INIT_FUNC A function that you want run when the channel layer is first instantiated.


ASGI_AMQP = {'INIT_FUNC': 'awx.prepare_env'}

ChannelGroup Model

This channel layer requires a database model called ChannelGroup. You can use the model and migation provided by adding asgi_amqp to your installed apps or you can point the ASGI_AMQP.MODEL setting to a model you have already defined.

Installed Apps:



    'MODEL': 'awx.main.models.channels.ChannelGroup',
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