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askcli 1.0.4

Generate interactive menus in a python script. Like yes/no question and menu action.

<h1>Create Menu like this</h1>

<pre><code>from askcli import Menu, Item
items = list()
# create items list
items = [Item('a', 'Action A'), Item('b', 'Action B'), 'action 3', Item('q', 'Quitter')]

m = Menu(items)
# print and wait keypress

print("you choose {0} : {1}".format(m.choose, m.get_choosen_text()))


<pre><code> a - Action a
b - Action b
3 - action 3
q - Quitter
? input : f
X - error key, (unavailable)
? input : q
toy choose menu q : Quitter

<h1>Yes/No questions</h1>
<pre><code>from askcli.ask_bool import AskBool
a = AskBool('valid',t_text="Yes",f_text="No",required=True)
res = a.launch(err_mess="choose [yes] or [no]")
print("bool: {0}. choice {1}".format(res, a.get_text()))


? Confirmer [o/N] : yes
x choose [yes] or [no]
? Confirmer [o/N] : oui
bool: True. choix Oui

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