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asm2d 0.2.3

An assembler for the 68112D microprocessor

The 68112D is a clone of the 68HC11 microcontroller, with extra instructions to generate 2D graphics on a VGA display.

The asm2d assembler turns the assembly code into an MIF file (Memory Initialization File) that can be used to initialize a memory block during compilation and/or simulation.


Using pip:

pip install asm2d

For development

python develop


Compile a file:

asm2d source.s2d

The default output file will have the same name as the source file, but with a .mif extension. You can change this with the -o flag:

asm2d source.s2d -o memory.mif

The size of the memory block will be exactly the number of words needed to translate the assembly code. You can change this with the -w argument:

asm2d source.s2d -w 512


asm2d -h
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