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assetman 0.0.3

Generic blob-data asset manager that provides an API, CLI interface, for managing S3 assets and the respective CloudFront delivery setup.

Latest Version: 0.0.4

# Assetman
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## Usage
from assetman import init, create_blob

manager = init(aws_key, aws_secret, my_bucket)
some_data = 'my awsome string / image binary / html / markdown / national secrets'
asset = create_blob(some_data)
asset.public = True # makes the asset publicly accessible over S3

print asset.uuid # returns a 16 character UUID which you can save for later

# ... somewhere over the Mediterranean sea...

my_saved_asset = manager.get_asset(uuid)

'my awsome string / image binary / html / markdown / national secrets'

It is also important to note that there are some convenience Asset Types built in for convenient handling
of meta data and mimetypes.

For example, the ```Image``` asset type will track format and dimensions for you. See tests for example.

## Testing

To install with testing support: ``` pip install -e .[test] ```
This will install with the optional dependencies required for testing. (wand, for example.)
``` nosetests ```  
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