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asyncio_mongo 0.1

Asynchronous Python 3.3+ driver for MongoDB <>

Latest Version: 0.2.4

Asyncio Mongo
:Info: See `the mongo site <http:"">`_ for more information. See `Bitbucket <http:"" mrdon="" asyncio-mongo="">`_ for the latest source.
:Author: Don Brown<>

An asynchronous Python driver for the Mongo database, based on Python's asyncio.
This project is based on `TxMongo <https:"" fiorix="" mongo-async-python-driver="">`_

This project is still in the very early alpha stage and shouldn't be used for production.

Docs and examples
There are some examples in the *examples/* directory.

- Works for the asyncio (PEP3156) event loop
- No dependencies
- Connection pooling

- GridFS support

Thanks to (in no particular order):

- Alexandre Fiori (fiorix)

- The author of TxMongo

- Mike Dirolf (mdirolf)

- The author of original ``pymongo`` package.

- Jonathan Slenders (jonathanslenders)

- The author of asyncio_redis, from which the connection and pooling code come.

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asyncio_mongo-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-15 143KB