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autocloudreporter 1.0.1

Fedmsg consumer to report Autocloud results to ResultsDB

Latest Version: 1.0.3

autocloudreporter is a fedmsg consumer for reporting Autocloud results to ResultsDB. It listens out for Autocloud fedmsg messages, and submits results using the resultsdb_conventions module for conveniently reporting results in ‘conventional’ format.

The code was written with Python 3 in mind, but it turns out that verification of fedmsg message signatures does not currently work in Python 3, so it should be run under Python 2 for now.


Python libraries:


Install the required external Python libraries, then use setuptools to install, e.g.:

python install

Test and production modes

Two consumers are provided, a ‘test’ and a ‘production’ consumer. For ‘test’:

  • The consumer listens for dev (not prod) messages
  • The consumer does not validate message signatures
  • The consumer reports to a ResultsDB instance running on localhost port 5001

In this mode it is safe to play around with the consumer, and you can use a tool like fedmsg-dg-replay to trigger event creation by replaying a relevant fedmsg (which will show up with a dev topic rather than prod).

For ‘production’:

  • The consumer listens for prod (not dev) messages
  • The consumer validates message signatures
  • The consumer reports to the production ResultsDB instance (if permitted)

PLEASE do not enable the production consumer on a system authorized to submit results to ResultsDB without checking with Fedora QA.

The fedmsg config keys for the consumers are autocloudreporter.test.enabled and respectively.


autocloudreporter is released under the GPL, version 3 or later. See COPYING and the header of itself.