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autoflake 0.2

Removes unused imports.

Latest Version: 1.1


autoflake removes unused imports from Python code. It makes use of pyflakes to do this.

autoflake only removes unused imports for modules that are part of the standard library. (Other modules may have side effects that make them unsafe to remove automatically.)

autoflake also removes useless pass statements.


Running autoflake on the below example:

$ autoflake --in-place
import math
import re
import os
import random
import multiprocessing
import grp, pwd, platform
import subprocess, sys

def foo():
    if True:
        from abc import ABCMeta, WeakSet
    return math.pi

results in

import math
import sys

def foo():
    if True:
    return math.pi

Advanced usage

To prevent autoflake from removing certain lines, add NOQA as an inline comment.

import math  # NOQA

To allow autoflake to remove additional unused imports (other than than those from the standard library), use the --imports option. It accepts a comma-separated list of names:

$ autoflake --imports=django,requests,urllib3 <filename>


$ pip install --upgrade autoflake
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
autoflake-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-01-29 5KB