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avcaesar_api 1.0.2

library and tool for AVCaesar API

Latest Version: 1.0.4


Python & OS Support

avcaesar\_api works with python 3.
avcaesar\_api works on Unix/Linux, OS X, and Windows.


If you have installed pip3, you can install with `pip-3.2 install avcaesar_api` (The command name for pip depends of your python installation).
Otherwise you can install from the project source by downloading it and do `python3 install`.


To configure your API key, create a new file `~/.avcaesar_api.cfg` in your home directory with the following content:


Command line usage

usage: [-h]
(-c hash [hash ...] | -u file [file ...] | -d reference [reference ...] | -i reference [reference ...] | --update reference [reference ...] | -r reference [reference ...] | --analysis-history | --is-authenticated | --quota)
[--private] [--page PAGE] [--per-page PER_PAGE]
[--api-key API_KEY] [--api-url API_URL]
[--api-server-cert API_SERVER_CERT] [--version]
AVCaesar API tools
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c hash [hash ...], --check hash [hash ...]
Check a hash.
-u file [file ...], --upload file [file ...]
Upload a sample.
-d reference [reference ...], --download reference [reference ...]
Download a sample. (Only in public mode)
-i reference [reference ...], --info reference [reference ...]
Show sample info.
--update reference [reference ...]
Rescan a sample. (Only in public mode)
-r reference [reference ...], --remove reference [reference ...]
Remote a sample. (Only in private mode)
--analysis-history Show your analysis history.
--is-authenticated Check your authentication
--quota Show your quota.
--private Activate mode private.
--page PAGE Specify the desired page.
--per-page PER_PAGE Specify the desired limit per page.
--api-key API_KEY Specify the api key.
--api-url API_URL Specify the api url.
--api-server-cert API_SERVER_CERT
Specify the api server cert.
--version show program's version number and exit

Library usage
Make a connection to AVCaesar API.

import avcaesar_api
conn = avcaesar_api.Connector(key=YOUR_API_KEY, **avcaesar_api.config_malware_lu)

You can see an example of library usage in the script
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
avcaesar_api-1.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-13 12KB