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awkwardduet 1.1a4

Lib3to2 maintenance fork. Lib3to2 is a set of fixers and utilities for lib2to3, a source code transformer included in Python standard library.

Lib3to2 began as Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2009 project by Joe Amenta. Lib3to2 is a set of fixers and utilities for lib2to3, a source code transformer included in Python standard library.

Porting from Python 3 to Python 2 codebase is often easier, because there’s less ambiguity due to stricter rules that Python 3 imposes. Lib3to2 is crucial in enabling the developer to start enjoying modern Python environment, while still maintaining compatibility with older runtimes.


If you plan or would like to port your Python 3 code to Python 2 we encourage you to run 3to2 and report any issues with the transformation. Your experience with using this library is very valuable in shaping the future goals of this project.

A great way to influence the project schedule is to use the “It’s affecting me” and “It’s affecting project” feedback mechanisms.


Run “./3to2” to convert stdin (“-“), files or directories given as arguments. By default, the tool outputs a unified diff-formatted patch on standard output and a “what was changed” summary on standard error, but the “-w” option can be given to write back converted files, creating “.bak”-named backup files.


awkwardduet 1.1a4

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with fix_str shadowing fix_bytes (Denis Zawada, #1011581)

awkwardduet 1.1a3

Bug Fixes

  • Use temporary value to prevent shadowing function name in decorators with the same name, e.g. if you use (@property def foo…) and then (@foo.setter def foo…) (Denis Zawada, #1008074)


  • Use entry_points.console_scripts instead of custom script for ‘3to2’

awkwardduet 1.1a2

Snapshot of new features and bugfixes.

Bug Fixes

  • fix_kwargs no longer breaks docstrings when adding code to fix parameters. (Denis Zawada, #880389)

New Features

  • Format template strings, that use auto-numbered fields, are now converted to use explicitly numbered fields, thus extending compatibility with Python 2.6 even further. (Denis Zawada, #881113)
  • Chained exceptions (raise E from E) are now included in the __cause__ attribute whenever possible. (Denis Zawada, #881136)
  • Function annotations are now collected and set manually. You can access them via the func_annotations property, exactly like in Python 3. (Denis Zawada, #881134)
  • New fixer fix_funcdecorator, fix_classdecorator equivalent for decorated functions, is now available and auto-enabled (as a dependency for fix_annotations) (Denis Zawada)


  • __annotations__ attributes are now renamed to func_annotations.
  • Attribute renamers with special names (e.g. __nonzero__) are now more eager.
  • Method renamers have been DRYed and marked as BM_compatible.
  • Some minor issues with preserving whitespace in fix_classdecorator have been resolved by switching to new implementation, that could be reused.
  • Fix_str have been split into fix_str and fix_str_literals. This has allowed to mark fix_str_literals as BM_compatible and shaved off almost 2 seconds from the test suite run.

awkwardduet 1.1a1

First maintenance release of awkwardduet, a maintenance fork of lib3to2. The release focus is on fixing major issues reported in lib3to2 1.0 series.

Bug Fixes

  • fix_super now refactors magic super (super() with no arguments) by searching the parsing tree for class name and the first argument, the same mechanism used by Python 3 runtime. Until now super() used self.__class__ instead of a class name, which caused trouble with non-trivial inheritence. (Denis Zawada, #880377; originally reported in lib3to2 1.0 series)
  • fix_next now correctly parenthesizes generator statements. (Denis Zawada, #880378)
  • fix_next is now aware of extend form of the next builting, i.e next(iterable[, default]). If extended signature is detected, a warning is reported and the code remains unaltered. This provides compatibility with Python 2.6–7. (Denis Zawada, #880383)

New Features

  • Python 3 __str__ methods are now converted to __unicode__ in Python 2, while __bytes__ are converted to __str__. This further extends unicode compatibility between runtimes. (Denis Zawada, #880382)
  • Python 3 default absolute import behavior is now enforced in Python 2.5–7 using the ‘from __future__ import __absolute_import__’ directive. (Denis Zawada, #880388)


  • Testing infrastructure is now compatible with nose runner. (Denis Zawada)

3to2 0.1–1.0

Less recent changes can be found in the NEWS.rst file in the top-level source code directory.