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awsparams 0.9.10

A simple CLI and Library for adding/removing/renaming/copying AWS Param Store Parameters

Why this script?

The current (Jul 2017) AWS Console for the Systems Manager Parameter Store is good for adding and editing the values of parameters, but misses key productivity functions like copying (especially en mass), renaming, etc. The current aws ssm CLI is very similar in functionality to the AWS Console.

This script is to automate a lot of the manual work currently needed with the existing AWS-provided UIs.


  • Install Python 3.6 with your favorite method. We recommend apt-get or rpm on linux, homebrew on mac and here on windows.
  • pip3.6 install awsparams


As a Library:

from awsparams.awsparams import get_parameter, get_all_parameters, get_parameter_value

#get a single parameter
param = get_parameter('test1', values=True, decryption=True)
# {'Name': 'test1', 'Value': 'test123', 'Type': 'SecureString', 'KeyId': 'alias/aws/ssm'}

# get multiple parameters with a prefix/pattern
params = get_all_parameters(profile=None, pattern="testing.testing.", values=True, decryption=True)
# [{'Name': 'testing.testing.testing', 'Value': '1234', 'Type': 'String'}, {'Name': 'testing.testing.testing2', 'Value': '1234', 'Type': 'String'}]

# get just a parameter value
value = get_parameter_value('test1', decryption=True, profile=None)
# test123

Usage can be referenced by running awsparams --help or awsparams subcommand --help commands:

Usage: awsparams [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--version  Show the version and exit.
--help     Show this message and exit.

cp   Copy a parameter, optionally across accounts
ls   List Paramters, optional matching a specific...
mv   Move or rename a parameter
new  Create a new parameter
rm   Remove/Delete a parameter
set  Edit an existing parameter


ls usage

ls names only

awsparams ls

ls with values no decryption

awsparams ls --values or awsparams ls -v

ls with values and decryption

awsparams ls --with-decryption

ls by prefix

awsparams ls appname.prd

new usage

new interactively

awsparams new

new semi-interactively

awsparams new --name appname.prd.username

new non-interactive

awsparams new --name appname.prd.usrname --value parameter_value --description parameter_descripton

cp usage

copy a parameter

awsparams cp appname.prd.username newappname.prd.username

copy set of parameters with prefix to appname.prd.

awsparams cp appname.prd. --prefix

copy set of parameters starting with prefix repometa-generator.prd overwrite existing parameters accross different accounts

awsparams cp repometa-generator.prd --src_profile=dev --dst_profile=trn --prefix=True

copy single parameters accross different accounts

awsparams cp appname.trb.username --src_profile=dev --dst_profile=trn

mv usage

rename/move a parameter

awsparams mv appname.prd.username

rename/move all parameters with a prefix changing only the prefix

awsparams mv appname.prd --prefix=True

set usage

edit parameter’s value

awsparams set newusername

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