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azure-mgmt-web 0.34.1

Microsoft Azure Web Apps Management Client Library for Python

Microsoft Azure SDK for Python

This is the Microsoft Azure Web Apps Management Client Library.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the next generation of management APIs that replace the old Azure Service Management (ASM).

This package has been tested with Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

For the older Azure Service Management (ASM) libraries, see azure-servicemanagement-legacy library.

For a more complete set of Azure libraries, see the azure bundle package.


IMPORTANT: If you have an earlier version of the azure package (version < 1.0), you should uninstall it before installing this package.

You can check the version using pip:

pip freeze

If you see azure==0.11.0 (or any version below 1.0), uninstall it first:

pip uninstall azure


For code examples, see Web Apps Management on

Provide Feedback

If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.

Release History

0.34.1 (2017-10-24)

  • MSI fixes

0.34.0 (2017-10-16)

  • Add MSI support

0.33.0 (2017-10-04)


  • Add providers.list_operations
  • Add verify_hosting_environment_vnet
  • Add web_apps.list_sync_function_triggers
  • Add web_apps.list_processes
  • Add web_apps.get_instance_process_module
  • Add web_apps.delete_process
  • Add web_apps.get_process_dump
  • Add web_apps continous web job operations
  • Add web_apps continous web job slots operations
  • Add web_apps public certificate operations
  • Add web_apps site_extension operations
  • Add web_apps functions operations
  • Add web_apps.list_function_secrets
  • Add web_apps.list_deployment_log
  • Add web_apps.list_deployment_log_slot
  • Add web_apps ms_deploy_status operations
  • Add web_apps ms_deploy_status_slot operations
  • Add web_apps ms_deploy_log_slot operations
  • Add web_apps instance_process_modules operations
  • Add web_apps instance_process_threads operations
  • Add web_apps instance_process_slot operations
  • Add web_apps instance_process_modules_slot operations
  • Add web_apps instance_process_threads_slot operations
  • Add web_apps.list_sync_function_triggers_slot
  • Add web_apps processes_slot operations
  • Add web_apps site_extensions_slot operations
  • Add web_apps triggered_web_jobs_slot operations
  • Add web_apps web_jobs_slot operations
  • Add web_apps triggered_web_jobs operations
  • Add web_apps web_jobs operations
  • Add web_apps.is_cloneable

Breaking changes

  • Remove ‘name’ and ‘type’ from several models (was ignored by server as read-only parameters)
  • Remove completely ‘location’ parameter from several models (None was the only acceptable value)
  • Remove a lot of incorrect parameter into DeletedSite
  • Remove deleted_web_apps.list_by_resource_group
  • Change web_apps.update_application_settings method signature
  • Change web_apps.update_connection_strings method signature
  • Change web_apps.update_metadata method signature
  • web_apps.recover now recover from a delete app to a previous snapshot
  • web_apps.recover_slot now recover from a delete app to a previous snapshot

0.32.0 (2017-04-26)

  • Support list web runtime stacks
  • Expose non resource based model type for SiteConfig, SiteAuthSettings, etc, to be used as property
  • Support list linux web available regions

0.31.1 (2017-04-20)

This wheel package is now built with the azure wheel extension

0.31.0 (2017-02-13)

  • Major refactoring and breaking changes
  • New API Version

0.30.0 (2016-10-17)

  • Initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2017-10-25 326KB
azure_mgmt_web-0.34.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel py2.py3 2017-10-25 315KB