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bagit_profile 0.0.2

This module can be used to validate BagitProfiles.

Latest Version: 1.1.1


A simple Python module for validating BagIt profiles. See the BagIt Profiles Specification (draft) for more information.

This module is intended for use with bagit but does not extend it.

Installation is a single-file python module that you can drop into your project as needed or you can install globally with:

  1. git clone
  2. cd bagit-profiles/python
  3. sudo python install


pip install bagit_profile


import bagit
import bagit_profile

Instantiate an existing Bag using bagit. python bag = bagit.Bag('mydir')

Instantiate a profile, supplying its URI. python my_profile = bagit_profile.Profile('')

Validate ‘Serialization’ and ‘Accept-Serialization’. This must be done before .validate(bag) is called. ‘mydir’ is the path to the Bag.

if my_profile.validate_serialization('mydir'):
    print "Serialization validates"
    print "Serialization does not validate"

Validate the rest of the profile.

if my_profile.validate(bag):
    print "Validates"
    print "Does not validate"

Or from the commandline: 'http://uri.for.profile/profile.json' path/to/bag

Test suite

python test


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Do something awesome!
  3. Submit a pull request explianing what your code does



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