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bamboo-data 0.5.5

Dynamic data analysis over the web. The logic to your data dashboards.

`bamboo <http:"">`_

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*bamboo* is an application that systematizes realtime data analysis. *bamboo*
provides an interface for merging, aggregating and adding algebraic
calculations to dynamic datasets. Clients can interact with *bamboo* through a
a REST web interface and through Python.

*bamboo* supports a simple querying language to build calculations
(e.g. student teacher ratio) and aggregations (e.g. average number of students
per district) from datasets. These are updated as new data is received.

*bamboo* is `open source <https:"" modilabs="" bamboo="">`_ software released
under the 3-clause BSD license, which is also known as the "Modified BSD


* python (tested on version 2.7)
* mongodb

for numpy, pandas, and scipy (in requirements.pip):

on Arch Linux: ``# pacman -S blas lapack gcc-fortran``

on Debian based: ``# apt-get install gfortran libatlas-base-dev``

Using as a Python Libary


.. code-block:: sh

$ pip install bamboo-data

Python pip package for `bamboo <http:"" pypi="" bamboo-data="""">`_.


.. code-block:: python

import bamboo as bm
from import create_dataset_from_url

bf = bm.BambooFrame([{'date': '2012-12-21'}])
bff = bf.recognize_dates()

>>> '[{"date": {"$date": 1356048000000}}]'

# Turn asyncronous processing off

url = ''
dataset = create_dataset_from_url(url)

>>> {u'_gps_altitude': {u'cardinality': 14, u'label': u'_gps_altitude', ...


.. code-block:: sh

$ ./scripts/

Example Usage

On the remote server

running the example basic commands

.. code-block:: sh

$ ./scripts/

using `bamboo.JS <http:"" bamboo_js=""/>`_

.. code-block:: javascript

var dataset = new bamboo.Dataset({url: ''});

using `pybamboo <https:"" modilabs="" pybamboo="">`_

.. code-block:: python

from pybamboo import PyBamboo
pybamboo = PyBamboo()
response = pybamboo.store_csv_file('')
dataset_id = response['id']

posting a dataset

.. code-block:: sh

$ curl -X POST -d "url="


Viewing Documentation

The latest docs are available at


Join the `bamboo-dev mailing list <https:"" forum="" #!forum="" bamboo-dev="">`_.

*bamboo* is an open source project. The project features, in chronological order,
the combined efforts of

* Peter Lubell-Doughtie
* Mark Johnston

and other developers.

Projects using *bamboo*

* `formhub <http:"">`_ - Mobile Data Collection made easy
* `AFSIS <http:""/>`_ - Africa Soil Information Service

Is your project using bamboo? `Let us know <https:"" forum="" #!forum="" bamboo-dev="">`_!  
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