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bambu-markup 2.0

Replacements for Django's Markdown and reStructuredText support

Latest Version: 3.0

Replacements for Django’s Markdown and reStructuredText support

About Bambu Tools 2.0

This is part of a toolset called Bambu Tools. It’s being moved from a namespace of bambu to its own ‘root-level’ package, along with all the other tools in the set. If you’re upgrading from a version prior to 2.0, please make sure to update your code to use bambu_markup rather than bambu.markup.


Install the package via Pip:

pip install bambu-markup

Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS list:



Set MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS to a list of MArkdown extensions in order to further filter Markdown text.

Set MARKDOWN_ENABLE_ATTRIBUTES to True to enable HTML attributes.

Questions or suggestions?

Find me on Twitter (@iamsteadman) or visit my blog.

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