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beaver_sqs 0.0.1

python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash


Transport module for Python-Beaver to deliver log entries via AWS SQS.


Beaver can optionally get data from a configfile using the -c flag. This file is in ini format. Global configuration will be under the beaver stanza. The following are global beaver configuration keys with their respective meanings:

  • sqs_aws_access_key: Can be left blank to use IAM Roles or AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID environment variable (see:
  • sqs_aws_secret_key: Can be left blank to use IAM Roles or AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable (see:
  • sqs_aws_profile_name: Can be left blank to use IAM Roles AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable, or fixed keypair (above) (see:
  • sqs_aws_region: Default us-east-1. AWS Region
  • sqs_aws_queue: SQS queue, or comma delimited list of queues (must exist)
  • sqs_aws_queue_owner_acct_id: Optional. Defaults None. Account ID or Principal allowed to write to queue
  • sqs_bulk_lines: Optional. Send multiple log entries in a single SQS message (cost saving benefit on larger environments)


# /etc/beaver/conf
sqs_aws_region: us-east-1
sqs_aws_queue: logstash-input1,logstash-input2
sqs_aws_access_key: <access_key>
sqs_aws_secret_key: <secret_key>

# logstash indexer config:
input {
  sqs {
    queue => "logstash-input1"
    access_key_id => "<access_key>"
    secret_access_key => "<secret_key>"
output { stdout { debug => true } }




File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
beaver_sqs-0.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-12-30 3KB