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beefish 0.1.2

simple file encryption using pycrypto

Easy file encryption using pycrypto


pip install beefish pycrypto


pip install -e git+git://



beefish can be used to encrypt and decrypt file-like objects:

from beefish import encrypt, decrypt

# encrypting
with open('secrets.txt') as fh:
    with open('secrets.enc', 'wb') as out_fh:
        encrypt(fh, out_fh, 'secret p@ssword')

# decrypting
with open('secrets.enc') as fh:
    with open('secrets.dec', 'wb') as out_fh:
        decrypt(fh, out_fh, 'secret p@ssword')

you can use a shortcut if you like:

# encrypting
encrypt_file('secrets.txt', 'secrets.enc', 'p@ssword')

# decrypting
decrypt_file('secrets.enc', 'secrets.dec', 'p@ssword')

you can use it from the command-line: -e secrets.txt secrets.enc -d secrets.enc secrets.dec
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