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betahaus.pyracont 0.2b


Latest Version: 0.3b0

This packages main goal is to provide:

  • Basic ZODB-based content type skeleton for Pyramid.
  • Dynamic content types that can be adapted to pretty much suit most purposes.
  • Ability to make highly pluggable components sutable for frameworks.
  • Easy integration with colander.

This package currently lacks proper documentation, but should be pretty stable regarding API changes since it’s used in production in other open source projects.

Possible TODOs:

  • Custom field adapters instead of custom field types. No point in storing persistent content types unless needed.
  • With field adapters content types don’t need special settings.
  • This might require an introspection tool, otherwise it might appear to “magical”.
  • A way to transform input before it’s saved.

0.2b - 2014-02-11

  • Possibility to bind zope interfaces to schemas so objectevents will work as expected. This enables subscribers for schemas.
  • Factory names can now be omitted - the class name is used in that case.
  • Python 3 should work now.

0.1a4 - 2012-09-05

  • New method to make sure new objects aren’t stored with the same name as an existing view. Before it was possible to name objects the same way as views. [robinharms]

0.1a3 - 2012-02-14

  • Typo on code caused description to be stored under the wrong attribute of the schema when using createSchema. [robinharms]

0.1a2 - 2012-02-14

  • If title and descriptions are specified for the schema factory, also transfer them to the schema itself. (Colander Schemas are transfered to Schema nodes on construction, which enables title and description) [sassur]

0.1a1 - 2011-10-14

  • Exception raised when custom accessors or mutators created a loop. [robinharms]
  • Exposing field_storage as a public attribute should remove the need to the switch to override custom accessors / mutators. So it has been removed. Hopefully this will make it easier to use. [robinharms]


  • Initial version
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
betahaus.pyracont-0.2b.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-11 14KB