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bigcommerce 0.10.2

Connect Python applications with the Bigcommerce API

Latest Version: 0.17.3

Wrapper over the requests library for communicating with the Bigcommerce v2 API.

Install with pip install bigcommerce or easy_install bigcommerce. Tested with python 2.7 and 3.3, and only requires requests and streql.



import bigcommerce

# OAuth2-based connection
# Access_token is optional, if you don't have one you can use oauth_fetch_token (see below)
api = bigcommerce.api.BigcommerceApi(client_id='', store_hash='', access_token='')

# Legacy Basic authentication
api = bigcommerce.api.BigcommerceApi(host='', basic_auth=('username', 'api token'))

BigcommerceApi also provides two helper methods for connection with OAuth2:

  • api.oauth_fetch_token(client_secret, client_secret, code, context, scope, redirect_uri) – fetches and returns an access token for your application. As a side effect, configures api to be ready for use.
  • BigcommerceApi.oauth_verify_payload(signed_payload, client_secret) – Returns user data from a signed payload.

Accessing and objects

The api object provides access to each API resource, each of which provides CRUD operations, depending on capabilities of the resource:

api.Products.all()                         # GET /products
api.Products.get(1)                        # GET /products/1
api.Products.create(name='', type='', ...) # POST /products
api.Products.get(1).update(price='199.90') # PUT /products/1
api.Products.delete_all()                  # DELETE /products
api.Products.get(1).delete()               # DELETE /products/1

The client provides full access to subresources, both as independent resources:

api.ProductOptions.get(1)                  # GET /products/1/options
api.ProductOptions.get(1, 2)               # GET /products/1/options/2

And as helper methods on the parent resoource:

api.Products.get(1).options()              # GET /products/1/options
api.Products.get(1).options(1)             # GET /products/1/options/1

These subresources implement CRUD methods in exactly the same way as regular resources:



Filters can be applied to all methods as keyword arguments:

customer = api.Customers.all(first_name='John', last_name='Smith')[0]
orders = api.Orders.all(

Error handling

Minimal validation of data is performed by the client, instead deferring this to the server. A HttpException will be raised for any unusual status code:

  • 3xx status code: RedirectionException
  • 4xx status code: ClientRequestException
  • 5xx status code: ServerException

The low level API

The high level API provided by bigcommerce.api.BigcommerceApi is a wrapper around a lower level api in bigcommerce.connection. This can be accessed through api.connection, and provides helper methods for get/post/put/delete operations.

Further documentation

Full documentation of the API is available at

To do

  • Count endpoints
  • Automatic enumeration of multiple page responses
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