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bigimg 0.0.3b

bigimg lets you generate big images with just a lambda expression.


Easily create big images. With just a lambda expression.

An image can be seen as a function that maps a real-valued (x, y)
coordinate onto a color. With this in mind, I made bigimg.

```` allows you to define a canvas width and height, a vector
function which will conduct an element wise map over each element in the
canvas, and an output file. If your function returns a single floating
point value, the resulting image will be gray scale, if it returns a
3-tuple, it will be color.



$ git clone
$ cd bigimg
$ sudo pip install -e .

You can also create pseudorandom images with:

.. code:: bash

./bigimg 128 128 pseudorandom.png --lambda random

This is useful in a variety of contexts.


Check out the example images included. You can pull request a new
example image if you find an especially cool formula. Simply add the
code to the example set below, and place the image in the examples/

Only the best images, as determined by me, will be accepted.



bigimg 512 512 examples/1.png --lambda "lambda x, y: 2048. * np.sin(x/32.) + 2048. * np.sin(y/32.)"

.. figure:: examples/1.png
:alt: lambda x, y: 2048. * np.sin(x/32.) + 2048. * np.sin(y/32.)

Example 1

bigimg 512 512 examples/2.png --lambda "lambda x, y: y * np.cos(x/128.)"

.. figure:: examples/2.png
:alt: lambda x, y: y * np.cos(x/128.)

Example 2

bigimg 512 512 --lambda random examples/0.png

.. figure:: examples/0.png
:alt: random

Example 0


bigimg 512 512 examples/3.png --lambda "lambda x, y: (x, x, y)"

.. figure:: examples/3.png
:alt: lambda x, y: (x, x, y)

Example 3

bigimg 512 512 examples/4.png --lambda "lambda x, y: (x, np.sin(x), np.sin(y))"

.. figure:: examples/4.png
:alt: lambda x, y: (x, np.sin(x), np.sin(y))

Example 4

bigimg 1024 1024 examples/5.png --lambda "lambda x, y: (512 * np.cos(y/32.), 512 * np.sin(x/32.), 512 * np.sin(y/32.))"

.. figure:: examples/5.png
:alt: lambda x, y: (512 * np.cos(y/32.), 512 * np.sin(x/32.), 512 * np.sin(y/32.))

Example 5  
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