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billomat 0.1.31 API client

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Python client for the []( [API](

The syntax of the client is inspired by the great [Django ORM](

Example usage

from billomat import models
from billomat.base import Client

Client.api_name = 'apiname'
Client.api_key = 'apikey'

# set optional app-id and -secret
Client.app_id = 'app_id'
Client.app_secret = 'app_secret'

articles = models.Article.objects.all()
for article in articles:
print unicode(article.title)
articles = articles.filter(title='Awesome')
for article in articles:
print unicode(article.title)

article = models.Article.objects.get(article_number=2)
article.title = u'This is an awesome article'

article = models.Article.objects.create(
title=u'This is an awesome article',

Django support
Automatic client configuration by django config is supported


The client sends 3 django signals:

- billomatclient_request, send before the request
- billomatclient_response, send after the request containing the response
- billomatclient_error, send after a request error containing the exception

Each signal sends a request_id which is a unique identifier (uuid4) for each request to track the status along the signal flow.

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