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biomaj-daemon 3.0.12

BioMAJ daemon service

# About

Microservice to manage biomaj, acts as a frontend to receive biomaj-cli commands and execute operations

Needs mongo and redis

# Development

flake8 –ignore E501 biomaj_daemon

# Run

## Message consumer:

export BIOMAJ_CONFIG=path_to_config.yml python bin/

## Web server

If package is installed via pip, you need a file named containing somehwhere on local server:

def worker_exit(server, worker):
from prometheus_client import multiprocess multiprocess.mark_process_dead(

If you cloned the repository and installed it via python install, just refer to the in the cloned repository.

export BIOMAJ_CONFIG=path_to_config.yml rm -rf ..path_to/godocker-prometheus-multiproc mkdir -p ..path_to/godocker-prometheus-multiproc export prometheus_multiproc_dir=..path_to/godocker-prometheus-multiproc gunicorn -c ../path_to/ biomaj_daemon.daemon.biomaj_daemon_web:app

Web processes should be behind a proxy/load balancer, API base url /api/daemon

Add to python scripts for install with package
Disable daemon web service logging
Fix tail endpoint syntax
Fix #1 remove debug log Fix #2 log dir not removed with –remove-all if proxy option not set
Fix #78, for multiple banks update in monolithic config, if one fails, next banks are not updated Add /api/daemon/bank/x/log[/y] endpoint to get last bank session log file
Add whatsup support for non proxy config Skip bank config with errors
Fix logging for monolithic setup Add whatsup option Fix prometheus stats
Fix for python 2.x
Fix status page with other services Add missing README in package
Fix missing parameters
Move options to management to utils for reuse Fix –about-me
Micro service to manage biomaj updates
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