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biomaj-release 3.0.1

BioMAJ release watch service

# About

Biomaj remote bank release watcher

Scan every day remote banks release modifications and send stats to prometheus and influxdb about new release detection. When a new release is detected, according to minimal delay configuration (in global or bank properties), a new bank update is sent.

If influxdb is available and updated with bank updates, minimal delay will also be computed based on mean workflow duration. In any case, minimal duration is 1 day.

Properties in and/or your bank property file:

schedule.delay=3 # minimal 3 days between checks # Default=true, if false, auto scan is disabled

Program will try to increase delay between updates when no new release is detected and to decrease it when a new release occurs.

# Requirements


# Development

flake8 –ignore E501 biomaj-release

# Prometheus metrics


/metrics /api/release/schedule/bank : schedule checks for all banks /api/release/schedule/bank/<bank> : schedule check for bank

# Run

python bin/

Start internal web server even if consul is not declared
Micro service to watch remote bank releases
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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