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bitbucket-api 0.5.0

Bitbucket API


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BitBucket-api is an ISC Licensed library, written in Python.

Bitbucket has a REST API publicly available, this package provide methods to interact with it. It allows you to access most repositories, services (hooks) and ssh keys related functionalities.


  • Access public user informations
  • Access public or private repositories, tags or branches
  • Create, update or delete one of your repository
  • Access, create, update or delete a service (hook)
  • Access, create or delete an SSH key
  • Download a repository as an archive
  • Access, create, update or delete an issue
  • Access, create, update or delete an issue comment


To install bitbucket-api, simply:

$ pip install bitbucket-api


Bitbucket-api require [requests](, [sh]( and [requests-oauthlib]( work, but dependencies should be handled by pip.

##Documentation Documentation is available on [Read The Docs](

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