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bitrot 0.6.0

Detects bit rotten files on the hard drive to save your precious photo and music collection from slow decay.

Latest Version: 0.9.2

Detects bit rotten files on the hard drive to save your precious photo and music collection from slow decay.


Go to the desired directory and simply invoke:

$ bitrot

This will start digging through your directory structure recursively indexing all files found. The index is stored in a .bitrot.db file which is a SQLite 3 database.

Next time you run bitrot it will add new files and update the index for files with a changed modification date. Most importantly however, it will report all errors, e.g. files that changed on the hard drive but still have the same modification date.

All paths stored in .bitrot.db are relative so it’s safe to rescan a folder after moving it to another drive.


Obviously depends on how fast the underlying drive is. No rigorous performance tests have been done. For informational purposes, a typical 5400 RPM laptop hard drive scanning a 60+ GB music library takes around 15 minutes. On an OCZ Vertex 3 SSD drive bitrot is able to scan a 100 GB Aperture library in under 10 minutes. Both tests on HFS+.

Change Log


  • more control over performance with --commit-interval and --chunk-size command-line arguments
  • bugfix: symbolic links are now properly skipped (or can be followed if --follow-links is passed)
  • bugfix: files that cannot be opened are now gracefully skipped
  • bugfix: fixed a rare division by zero when run in an empty directory


  • bugfix: warn about test mode only in test mode


  • --test command-line argument for testing the state without updating the database on disk (works for testing databases you don’t have write access to)
  • size of the data read is reported upon finish
  • minor performance updates


  • renames are now reported as such
  • all non-regular files (e.g. symbolic links, pipes, sockets) are now skipped
  • progress presented in percentage


  • --sum command-line argument for easy comparison of multiple databases


  • fixed regression from 0.2.0 where new files caused a KeyError exception


  • --verbose and --quiet command-line arguments
  • if a file is no longer there, its entry is removed from the database


  • First published version.


Glued together by Łukasz Langa. Multiple improvements by Yang Zhang.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
bitrot-0.6.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-11-11 6KB